by Jim Tetlow

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I conceived 'Birdbrainsuite' in 2007 as an hour-long project for my duo with Nigel Harris, 2/3 (or 'The Two Thirds'). I sporadically developed it in a series of sessions over the next couple of years before inviting another friend Victoria Bourne to improvise vocals on one Movement and flute (in a sparse, shakuhachi-like manner) on the opening and closing Movements. I then passed it on to Nigel to add whatever he liked, tweaking things a little more at the final stage.

1st Movement: PulsewithIn (00:00-13:29)
2nd Movement: DualityScatter (13:30-21:20)
3rd Movement: ChimeLand (21:21-29:59)
4th Movement: SpannerThrow (30:00-37:36)
5th Movement: BirdBrain (37:37-44:43)
6th Movement: DualityShroud (44:44-49:59)
7th Movement: PulsewithOut (50:00-60:00)

The album sat as a kind of 'unofficial second' 2/3 album for a few years before Nigel suggested I treated it as my own, with Victoria and himself as guests. We both felt more comfortable with the project presented in this way; we can now keep 2/3 for material we would work on more or less equally, as it was for our debut 'Cadavre Exquis':

A while later in early 2011 I produced a shorter project piece 'Birdbrain' which condensed extracted edits from Movements 1, 2, 6 and 7 into a 15 minute electroacoustic piece with additional soundscaping and minus Nigel's material. Confusingly it does not contain material from Movement 5 which is titled 'Birdbrain'! Intended for diffusion to an audience as an electroacoustic work, I consider it one of my most mature pieces to date. I'm presenting this first here, followed by its 60 minute predecessor.

Please note 'Birdbrainsuite' is a continuous piece; if burning to CD, please be sure to burn without gaps between tracks to ensure uninterrupted play.


released April 1, 2014

Conceived and composed by Jim Tetlow, 2007-2009
Flute and vocal improvisations by Victoria Bourne, 2009
Speech samples and additional soundscaping on 'Birdbrainsuite' by Nigel Harris, 2009

Bird skull photography by Doug Brown at stock.xchng
Cover design/typography by Jim Tetlow, March 2014




Jim Tetlow Leicester, UK

Jim has been recording music in some form or other since 1990, currently focusing on a hybrid music combining instrumental and acousmatic elements. He has involved himself in Leicester's thriving music scene since 1997, playing in a number of bands/duos/projects covering a wide variety of musical territory. ... more

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